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Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop "Bouquet" Belarus, Novopolotsk, ulitsa Molodezhnaya, 185

Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop  Bouquet  Belarus, Novopolotsk, ulitsa Molodezhnaya, 185

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Opening hours: from 7.00 to 21.00
Phone: +375 29 620-23-43 Viber)

Express delivery line: +375 29 620-23-43 GSM-Viber-WhatsApp-Telegram) e-mail:


Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop

Flower shop "Bouquet - Novopolotsk" sells bouquets, roses and compositions in Novopolotsk. Now you don’t have to go for flowers to the Bouquet flower shop in Polotsk.

We also provide flower arrangements with delivery in Novopolotsk directly to the recipient! Flowers are what you need to give something pleasant and congratulate your loved one!

Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop

Flower shop "Bouquet-Novopolotsk" works by bank transfer with organizations and for cash with retail customers, we also accept electronic cards.

In our store you can drink a cup of LAVAZZA coffee, and you can also get a cup of wonderful coffee as a gift.

Flower delivery in Novopolotsk from the flower shop "Bouquet" is a great service that allows you to tell relatives and loved ones about how you love them at a great distance.

Use the flower delivery service in Novopolotsk as a surprise and in order to avoid the crowds of shops on holidays and weekends.

Order and pay for flowers even if you are abroad, now it has become possible in our online store.

You can buy flowers without delivery at our Bouquet - Novopolotsk flower salon at 185 185, Novopolotsk, Youth.

Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop "Bouquet" Belarus, Novopolotsk

Do you have a wedding? With flowers, your wedding ceremony will be better, and the wedding gives our florists a huge field for creativity. Hence, an important area of our activity is wedding floristry and decoration of bridal bouquets and garden bouquets !.

The Bouquet - Novopolotsk flower salon was famous for its experienced florists creating original bouquets for weddings, wedding bouquets for brides, table decorations from fresh flowers, boutonnieres.

Express Delivery of flowers

Do you want your wedding to look like a great movie? You need a wedding decor with fresh flowers. You have come to the right store! The employees of the Bouquet - Novopolotsk flower shop will arrange a table for the newlyweds, parents and grandmothers, a gift table with floral arrangements!

Express Delivery of flowers

Freshly cut flowers and bouquets, potted flowers, cacti, gerberas, orchids of various types, succulents, bonsai. Working as a houseplant store, the assortment includes: soil, fertilizers, a cache-pot. In the flower shop "Bouquet - Novopolotsk" presents: gifts, balls, baskets, and cards

Express Delivery of flowers from the flower shop "Bouquet" Belarus, Novopolotsk

What is more beautiful than the most beautiful bouquet? Only the woman who received it as a gift! Flowers are always a wonderful gift for people of different sex and age. Flowers are given at important moments in a person’s life, from the birth of a new person to the creation of a new family and retirement.

Flowers are a reflection of our feelings and the replacement of unnecessary words. Flowers will say "forgive" or "love" for us, flowers will express recognition and respect. Without saying a word, you can order flowers with delivery in Novopolotsk, and the flowers will all say for you. Anyone who receives a bouquet will feel happy and loved.

The flower shop "Bouquet - Novopolotsk" presents the largest assortment of flowers in Novopolotsk. Flower delivery service "Bouquet - Novopolotsk" "takes care of every customer, your bouquets, flowers, toys and flower baskets are always delivered on time. A person who has used our service at least once becomes our regular customer.

Магазин цветов "Букет - Новополоцк" славный продолжатель традиций первого цветочного магазина открытого в Новополоцке еще в 1978 году:

Want to buy high-quality and original flowers and bouquets in Novopolotsk at a reasonable price? Refer to the experience and skill of florists in the flower shop "Bouquet - Novopolotsk", buy bouquets in our salon.

We create masterpieces not only in floristry, but also in logistics for the delivery to Novopolotsk of fresh, not expensive and beautiful freshly cut flowers, and we always try to delight our customers.

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