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Express flower delivery in Polotsk and Novopolotsk, Belarus

Express flower delivery in Polotsk and Novopolotsk, Belarus
Express delivery of roses in Polotsk and Novopolotsk has long been a popular service that gives loved ones or those who appreciate joyful moments. Although some do not think about the meaning of color, focusing only on personal preferences, many ask our florists about the meaning of each shade.

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1. Express delivery of red roses in Polotsk and Novopolotsk - mean true love. The red rose is a symbol of romance, expressing passion and respecting deep love.
2. Express delivery of white roses is a symbol of young love with its innocent and pure spirit of desire. White rose is also often considered a wedding flower, as it expresses fidelity.
3. Express delivery of pink roses - indicates that their recipient is a gentle and feminine person, often sophisticated and elegant. Pink roses are often considered a good option for mothers, grandmothers and other relatives, as their color means important but platonic relationships.
4. Express delivery of yellow roses - it is believed that such roses symbolize friendship. They personify warmth, affection and appreciation for a special relationship, usually not of a romantic type.
5. Express delivery of orange roses - aspiration, dynamism and enthusiasm. Orange roses are an ideal way to indicate attraction with a hidden sense of passion. They do not indicate a romantic relationship directly. Such roses are suitable for friends or work colleagues.
6. Express delivery of purple and lilac roses - means love at first sight. For many years, purple was associated with mysticism, so it is associated with magical desires and passion.

Tip - matching the color of roses to your feelings and intentions will add confidence and give a sense of magic.

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